Kenyukai CrestUechi Ryu Karate Do Kenyukai Association of North America


The Strong Fist Group Of Seiyu Shinjo
Ken = Fist Yu = Seiyu Kai = Group

In 1981, Kiyohide Shinjo started the Kenyukai fraternity, within the Uechi Ryu Association, in honor of his father who died that year. The new emblem was worn on the upper left sleeve of the gi by all black belts from Kadena dojo. Prior to that, we wore on the left sleeve three kanji symbols representing Kyurobukai, started by Seiyu Shinjo to distinguish the Kadena dojo. This innovation soon caught on in the Uechi Ryu Karate Association and the various dojo names began appearing on the left sleeve of Uechi ryu gi at the semi annual gathering in the Futenma dojo for black belt testing.


Americans who earned their black belts in the Kadena dojo carried the distinction of this organization to their dojo, students and black belts in the U.S. The next generation of black belts in America then carried membership in the Fraternity into their own dojo and students and so forth down the original line from Seiyu Shinjo and Kiyohide Shinjo. Since its inception, The Kenyukai has inducted distinguished black belts from a differing lineage into the Fraternity on only a few occasions. These gentlemen have added to the family tree (Kenyukai Ki) of the Kenyukai with their black belts and students.


This association will be organized and supported by those who desire to learn Karate Do. Members will embrace the principles and purpose of this association and promote its domestic/international expansion.

This association aims through Karate Do training to teach self-discipline for mind and body, to preserve forms, improve art and technique, deepen mutual friendship within our membership, and contribute to the rapid development of Karate Do.

Full members must reside in Okinawa and belong to an association DOJO to participate in this association and pursue training. Associate members reside out side of Okinawa and pursue training as a member of an affiliate DOJO. Kenyukai North America is an affiliate of Kenyukai Okinawa.


To apply for admission to this association an applicant must submit an application to the North American Director and pay an application fee, both to be forwarded to Okinawa. Acceptance in Kenyukai North America is decided by Grand Master Shinjo.

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