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Nodes is an app growth representation specialising in delivering composite enterprise-level apps without conciliatory on great exploiter receive. We are a squad of 65 passionate in-house developers, designers and nomadic advisors based in London, Copenhagen Aarhus. We proceeds pridefulness in elaborated preparation, transparence end-to-end the intact operation and high-pitched dependableness. We workplace for awe-inspiring clients such as Abellio, Hiscox and Weatherbys.

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What we go

Mobility Services Scheme

  • Line Psychoanalysis
  • Ideation
  • Roadmap
  • IT Wandering Organisation
  • Policies
  • Stakeholders

Innovation Exploiter Have

  • Conception growing
  • Prototyping
  • Useableness
  • Exploiter proof
  • Interaction innovation
  • Port invention

Developing Caliber pledge

  • Indigene wandering evolution
  • Interbreeding chopine loanblend
  • Backends CMS
  • API middleware
  • Qualified Lineament Pledge

Operational Monitoring

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Reflex scalable base
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Tryout strategies
  • Rating
  • Guaranteed latency

Tod you discovery nearly of an organisation’s stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers etcetera.) deliver a solid joining and interaction to mobility services.

We are beholding these stakeholders decorous a more incorporate function of roving services, either as a exploiter or a supplier. We think that a successful organization should attach these opportunities stemming from this confluent of job and use.

Our Mobility Services Scheme summons bequeath render you with a unclutter strategical centering of where wandering applications testament deliver the well-nigh efficient brownie in your constitution.

This serve leave so lay the instauration for a formalistic and prioritised roadmap, imagination and chance for your establishment, allowing you to voyage on good reason in a always evolving and ambitious wandering mankind.

Our scheme procedure is grounded in our feeling that information and engineering are a agency to an end, not the end itself. Applied right, engineering can bear a gravid gremlin on the behind demarcation. To check that it bequeath, we apply a three-step overture to specify your company’s big exposure likewise as its kernel.

The initial form of any app exploitation operation is respondent the enquiry what is the determination of the app? from a party and exploiter position. This power be obvious, but it requires a summons to narrow and elucidate how to gestate the functionality so that it volition be relevant for both the exploiter and your companionship. This includes both proposing features based on what is potential configuration a expert view and what the users testament deprivation and carry.

At this phase creating KPIs for the app is key. If the scheme and conception is already defined, we use our blanket get gained from complemental hundreds of nomadic app projects to ply feedback on what volition oeuvre and what volition not, too as the pitfalls that motivation to be addressed or considered. The destination of the UX and innovation stage is to pitch an app that is visceral, wanton to use and spectacularly beautiful. This form starts with an synergistic paradigm of the wide-cut app to discourse the unlike UX choices and functionality. When the current of the app is crystalize we examine the unlike innovation dash inside the app-category to influence how to jump. We so jump the pixel-magic and make a arresting fluid conception spell calm beingness truthful to the brands existent stain individuality and guidelines. Finally we shuffling surely that all screens are pel perfective and that the interaction animations are amazing.

For all aspects of the growth procedure we enforce an reiterative summons allowing for a more compromising and effective workflow. We get for grasp of platforms (iOS, Humanoid, Windows Ring and web) but bod the app aboriginal for apiece of them to see the better exploiter get on apiece chopine. We suffer a squad of passionate in-house developers situated in London and Copenhagen who are specialized in nomadic evolution for all the dissimilar platforms. We practise differentiated exploitation in rescript to maximise the see for devices with higher OS versions or higher capacitance. Virtually apps lie of a wandering office and a backend which we either anatomy now on top of our promiscuous to use justify CMS Nodescamp or unified onto already existent frameworks or APIs.

With an e’er maturation bit of devices with unlike screen-sizes, OS versions and over-the-counter ironware it is authoritative to quiz how the app leave study altogether these unlike environments. We let an encompassing ambit of roving devices coating all the modish and about democratic Humanoid phones and sr. versions too as the entire ambit of all the Apple models. We dont upload the app to AppStore and Google Gambling, until it suffer bygone done big examination, and piece doing so we cater steering on how to produce the scoop keywords and descriptions. Afterwards launching our machine-controlled monitoring systems brand indisputable that the users do not see any bugs or crashes.

Although about apps power sustain a express lifetime to reinforcement a crusade for a shorter continuance, near apps we break are expected to survive for a years. Thereby it is significant to let the app germinate complete meter as the users inevitably alteration and new possibilities lift. Disregardless how wellspring aforethought the construct of the app is it power perpetually surprisal how the users really use the app and what features they rightfully honey privileged it. We assist proctor this by implementing analytics to proctor and judge the utilisation of the app. As received we enforce Google Analytics but get all-encompassing see in implementing a all-inclusive ambit of one-third company trailing.

Our procedure is spry and reiterative

An Spry and reiterative outgrowth ensures incessant advancement and impulse in the labor, whilst guardianship the procedure pliable adequate to mix new ideas and noesis. The spry developing coming too supports the whimsy of incremental and other releases, which successively minimises hazard and focuses on speeding to mart.

Incorporated teams passim the total projection

To ascertain the timbre and consistence of the externalise, all teams are mired from the scratch to the end of the operation. This volition check noesis communion and examination of new ideas crosswise competencies.